I help organisations solve complex problems using mathematics, statistics and data. If you have an interesting project you want to work together on contact me here.

Dean Marchiori

Applied Statistician

Data Science and Statistical Consulting


Dean Marchiori is Director and Principal Data Scientist at Wave Data Labs where he consults on statistical modelling, applied mathematics and advanced analytics. Dean holds a BSc in Mathematics with University Medal from Charles Sturt University, a Master of Applied Finance degree, and a Master of Applied Statistics from Macquarie University where he was awarded the Julian Leslie Prize in Statistics. He has been named one of the top 10 analytics leaders in Australia by the Institute of Analytics Professionals of Australia (IAPA). He is also recognised as an Accredited Statistician with the Statistical Society of Australia where he is co-chair of the committee for Statistical Computing and Visualisation.

Some of my work

You can check out my writing in the blog or you can watch some of my recorded talks.

If you want to see how I code, my open source analysis and software projects are hosted on github.

Licence and Accreditation

Accredited Statistician - Statistical Society of Australia
(Lic 53250221, Exp 12/25)

Azure Certified Data Science Associate - Microsoft